Tanning Products at Salon: How to choose?

-It is very popular. Activator . This will help strengthen the results of each session.
-You can also see it on sale. Developer . They provide the most active production of melanin pigment.
-If your goal is to last longer on the tanning course, the elder . They also provide skin softening and moisturizing.

What do I need to know about the quick tan of the solarium?
It is believed to be most desirable to use an activator composed of tyrosine and giving the so-called tingle effect. Tyrosine is a protein component that produces melanin.

The use of these cosmetics is accompanied by slight tingling and bruising.

The club site warns you not to apply directly before the tan. Better - 2 hours.

What is the best tool for suntan in the solarium to increase your effectiveness?
Bone strengtheners may contain bronze. These substances can tarnish the skin, but if washed, they may have uneven tan. This obviously will not please you. In particular, these problems are typical when using low-cost tanning products when tanning salons. It is better to pay a little more to get good results.
It is impossible to focus on price because no one excludes individual reactions to your skin.

Do not forget that there is a folk remedy to help better tanning. Of all the recipes, there is even one that allows you to wrap your head at home. For example, even a tan can be used if your face is black and sunny. But now I have a bit about it.

Whether you are sunbathing on the beach or in a sunbathing salon, antioxidant products help maintain the desired skin tone. It has carrots, tomatoes, eggplant, apricot and other products.

For example, it is better to pass the so-called course. Juice therapy . Of course it would be better to get a bronze skin tone a few weeks before. Optionally - drink freshly squeezed carrots or tomato juice before the session in the solarium.

Folk remedies for tanning in solarium
Of course, each skin can recognize these treatments in different ways. But technology - many, and this is a way out for those who do not want to spend extra money to buy special cosmetics.

When applied to the body, almond or peach oil , you will get a tan, and the skin will be adequately protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (including artifacts).

You can strongly try to prevent burns in people who are having long sessions in the solarium tea. You need to wipe your skin with a swab soaked in your car and sunbathe.

If you want to avoid appearing on your body and face during the tanning process, we recommend occasional ointment (tucure) or skin wiping. Cucumber .

You can have beautiful, blackened skin at any time of the year - if you find a good tanning bed next to your home, there is nothing easier. To visit places where the salon is filled with positive emotions, you should choose an advanced tool for tanning in the solarium.

Lotion, Spray, Cream - Can you choose from a number of cosmetics that are intended to accelerate and enhance the effects of sunburn? Everyone who enjoys sunbathing in this way knows that they must use special cosmetics for tanning in their tanning beds before and after the session.

Tanning Lotion in a Tanning Bed
Especially popular among all salons is suntan lotion in sunbathing place. Easy to use. Manufacturers can apply the product itself to a uniform layer by producing the lotion in an ergonomic bottle and applying it as much as possible to maintain the consistency of the product itself.

It is not a salon customer who uses a normal moisturizer instead of a special suntan lotion in a negatives tanning salon. You can understand people. All special cosmetics are fairly expensive. This is because the lotion, cream, and spray do not provide moisture to the skin, but they perform important functions at different stages of the salon coloring.

Why is not general means appropriate? Consider a better special best lotion to use after spray tan:

  • Beach cosmetics contain components to protect against ultraviolet rays, greatly reducing the effect of sunlight treatment.
  • During uV exposure, only suntan lotion can provide high quality skin care.
  • Conventional means do not provide intense moisture and do not help relieve stress and relieve tension.
  •  After the procedure, a particular skin smells and can only be neutralized by a professional lotion containing orderon;
  • Sunscreen does not have active oxygen neutralizing ingredients.
  • Tanning lotions in the solarium include elements that enhance the natural production of melanin.

Tanning spray in solarium
All sprays made for tanning at a tanning salon are divided into the following groups: Developers, Activators, Bronze, Fixers (Extender): may be required at various stages to achieve a beautiful, healthy tan.
Special creams and lotions have similar functions, but most beauty salon customers prefer to use spray. It would be convenient to apply the product itself to the body.

A good spray is:
-Make the tanned shade stronger and deeper;
-Protect your skin from dryness.
-It produces melanin.
-Protects skin from free radical formation.
-Supplement the lost skin nutrients during the procedure;
-Always remove the unique odor that forms on your skin after a session.
-It gives a cooling effect.


For the treatment of papilloma, 3% ointment is used and is produced in 30 g capacity (0.25% ointment to treat mucous membranes of eyes and nose). Review of oxolinic ointment for wart treatment. Review: Antiviral Agents Pharmaceutical Factory Ukraine Oxolinic Ointment - Did You Experience Warts in Children? Plus: Helps to get rid of the child's warts. Oxygen ointment 3% removed warts, steamed warts before use, and applied under the plaster.

In the early '80s, 16kg of iron fell on this finger. The fingernail scar has a thick wound from the wound, and it is surely calmed down as well. The size is much smaller.

After a few hours, the virus is destroyed in the intercellular space, and the lymphocytes that reach the signal are removed, which is all. What to do within 24 hours? This effective external therapy is especially helpful in the treatment of unpleasant viral diseases. This medication contains interferon, so it can fight effectively and does not allow it to multiply. I always believed it was simple. We use it at 0.25% of the common cold.

The choice of meaning depends on the reason for the necessity of its use. I used Octenisept, an expensive but effective means of disinfecting my shoes as well as disinfecting my feet during the cutting process. For treatment of skin defects, an ointment containing 3% of the main ingredient, oxolin, is used. It is convenient to cut garlic pieces with plaster. Applying to affected skin three times a day is sufficient.

Like the Indians, the Chinese do not have the instinct of self-preservation, and they do not look at the Chinese and the Indians on earth more than any other country. My son was shattered in a bowl (more than seven in various sizes), went under the care of an expert at the Army Medical Academy, prescribed a German medicine (I can not remember what it was) Apply liquids with a brush (eg, manicure) to the area. Only the dermatologist should remove it.

Where does HPV infection originate?
The most popular remedy is juice. I started using the medicine about two weeks ago. Some warts merge into one large form. Often tumors appear on the legs or rather on the soles.

However, I still need to go to a gynecologist after I have completely removed it and pass the test and see the whole picture. New things did not show up, but the feeling that they grew inside became too strong. Well, the frog was generally nothing.-) All the kids just caught it :-)) And the frog has protrusions that look like warts, like a toad.

I learned that laser treatment is dangerous, and new things may happen. (A friend has a problem with his hands and burns it every six months, forming it without conspiracy.) This is probably a kind of acid such as oxalic acid or salicylic acid or alkali. Oxolinic ointment 3% is 30 to 90 rubles per tube depending on the manufacturer.

Use of oxolinic ointment in papilloma
This is a history of me, children do not avoid it and grow slowly in mushrooms :-) It has been over three years now.

He recommended that the vinegar essence be made of plain dough, usually powder, and carefully placed at the end of the wart with a match.
I sprayed a large bloody bubble!
After removing the laser? After that, carefully remove the egg, remove the film from the surface, and return the egg to the jar. Then everything will come down and skin like a baby. Therefore, she relied on private methods - oxolin and ointment. Therefore, if you know for sure that a wart is not a papilloma, you will only see a doctor if nothing is visible and the other is unclear. I showed up when I went to school.

For three months I did not go at all until I came to Mongolia. Today I am kind) Wart treatment Oxolinic ointment 3%.

I decided that I would fight without medical staff! I have not found any medical opinion, but many people claim that it works. Salicylic acid ointment has kerosene solubility, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Of course, if you send them you will not get anything. Today I saw a mirror and saw a new one! To tell the truth to me, I told my heel to be a wart and told me to remove it, but I am afraid to do it in the clinic. Do you have ointment or cream to treat it? The papilloma around her neck is likely to be her only problem.

Hello, dear readers! Today I would like to talk about a very common problem such as warts or papilloma.

Scientists have discovered that over 95% of people on Earth are carriers of papillomaviruses. However, not all of these people have the presence of this virus because this process is facilitated by a decrease in immunity or other factors.

Personally, I first experienced a wart problem at the age of 23 when I was pregnant. I am confident that only a reduction in immunity has contributed to the development of the human papilloma virus. Because I had terrible toxicity in the early days of pregnancy, and all the trace elements and vitamins needed by the body went to the child.

Of course, I did not even know that I could get help in this situation. Because it is necessary to limit yourself to doing medicines during pregnancy, and most of it is taboo during pregnancy. I already thought about my condition and thought about solving the problem after the baby was born, but the gynecologist helped me to find a way out of this situation. She encouraged me and my child to use safe Oxolin 3% ointment during this time.

I can not imagine my joy when I finally realized that I had to solve my problem. After all, when people pay attention to my neo-creatures it is very uncomfortable, and this has caused disgust in many people.

I immediately ran to the nearest pharmacy and bought an Oxolinic ointment. By the way, I had no problem finding this medicine because it is very famous and widely requested.

Oxolin Ointment Instructions 3%
Oxolinic ointment is a widely antiviral drug.

This medication is provided to the customer at 0.25% and 3% of the concentration of the substance because there are other uses and indications.

This drug contains naphthalene, which is also called oxolin.

3% of oxolinic ointments are more suitable for the treatment of papillomas. Because it contains more oxolin, it can affect the skin more intensively.

This drug is used for the following diseases:

chicken pox;


In the case of Qatar disease caused by adenovirus, for example, SARS, angina ...

The effect of oxolinic ointment is based on the fact that the active substance penetrates into the cells of the virus and prevents spreading.

However, despite the fact that drugs are very safe, personal intolerance can be caused by:

Allergic reactions to skin;

Deterioration of the overall condition of the body.

In such cases, you should discontinue medication and consult your doctor.

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