** Please note. I design graphics for perfectly legal enigma2 freesat boxes. I cannot assist you with the loss of channels if you have a dodgy sky setup. I am nothing to do with the card sharing scene and cannot offer you any advice on channel black outs, what iptv service to use, or how to setup iptv. You need to look on the proper satellite forums that are covering this situation. If you have questions directly related to my skins then I will gladly assist you. Thank you. **

My new skin, slyk onyx, is now available in my dropbox. support available on linuxsat

** change log **

v5.232 A few amendments in preparation for converting it to 1080

About Slyk 1 HD

Now at version 5.232

Slyk 1 HD has constantly evolved and been improved upon since it's birth late 2015, with it's primary aim of being the best copycat skin currently available. With the exception of some legacy default graphics I create all my own graphics and layouts from scratch unlike some skin designers who tweak a skin and then call it their own.

The skin originally was just meant to be a personal project for my own satellite box, but it soon evolved into a very time consuming public project.  I am extremely grateful to the members of the Techkings forum for all there original help, ideas and input over the duration of this project.


This skin will work on the majority of OE Aliiance builds (OpenATV, OpenVix, ItaltSat etc. Not OpenPli) and the majority of modern enigma2 boxes (ZGemmas, XTrends, VUs, Atemios, Mut@nts, dreambox 800se, Edisons etc.)

It will not work correctly on OpenPLI and Blackhole images. 

To Install

See latest skin link at bottom of this page and download the IPK file in my skin folder. If for some reason it downloads a zip file. Extract the zip so you just have the IPK file.

FTP the IPK file over to your temp folder. var/volatile/tmp.
(if you do not know how to ftp over to your box, please read my barebones install guide in my dropbox, there is a section in there that covers this)

Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
Press ok on the package
press green to install.


Menu > setup > VIX > Iplkg install
Press ok on the package
press green to install.

Once it has installed you need to set it as your skin.
(OpenATV) Menu... setup... Usage & GUI... skin setup.
(OpenVIX) Menu...setup...System...user interface...skin setup.

Reboot your box just to make sure its installed properly.

Customise Your Skin:

Some of the most popular skin amend requests have been made available via the editing of my extras.xml file.

Amends now available...

  • EPG Sky Tabs – see instructions in my dropbox account. (skins… Slyk 1 HD Version 5 – Skin Extras – epg-tabs)
  • QuickEPG infobar (< > buttons set as single epg ) – various options to show/hide programme description, coloured buttons, channel/time text)
  • Secondinfobar (OK twice) – options to show/hide icons and ECM data
  • Show/Hide Picons above Infobar
  • Channel Select (TV Button) – 3 different layout options for now, next, later information
  • Movie Planner – Original Enigma Layout or sly planner layout (see Movie Planner mod in my dropbox)
  • Event View (Info Button) – Show/hide coloured buttons
  • Default Logo – Option to switch between my Slyk Logo or the proper Sly Logo

All these amends are available by amending the extras.xml file that lives in my skin folder on your box. /usr/share/enigma2/slyk-1-hd
(further instructions are included in that file)
Please use xml editor to amend the extras.xml file. 2 good free ones that you can download are XML Wrench or Notepad++.

To amend the file, change the end number of each panel name in that section to personalise your skin.
DO NOT edit the screen name - only the panel name

For example in the example below you want to add picons to your infobars.
Change both InfobarPicon2 and SecondInfobarPicon2 to both say 1.

<!-- infobar picons -->
< !-- 1 = Picons -->
<!-- 2 = No Picons (default)-->
< !-- edit both panels -->

< screen name="InfobarPicon" >
<panel name="InfobarPicon2" />
< /screen>

< screen name="SecondInfobarPicon">
<panel name="SecondInfobarPicon2" />
< /screen>


<!-- infobar picons -->
<!-- 1 = Picons -->
< !-- 2 = No Picons (default)-->
< !-- edit both panels -->

< screen name="InfobarPicon" >
<panel name="InfobarPicon1" />
< /screen>

< screen name="SecondInfobarPicon">
<panel name="SecondInfobarPicon1" />
< /screen>

Recommended Settings

Reset transparency
Menu... setup...system...user interface...position setup...user interface visibility(vix)
Menu > Setup > Usage & GUI > Extended GUI > OSD Position(atv)
change the settings to 255.

Channel selection settings...

  • Show event-progress in channel selection – Progress bar right
  • Show channel numbers in channel selection – yes
  • Show crypto Icons – Left from service/name
  • Show columns.. 200 pixels wide
  • Number of rows 16
  • All font sizes 0

Multi EPG settings....

  • Number of rows 18
  • All font sizes 0

Single EPG Settings...

  • Number of rows 18
  • All font sizes 0

Infobar EPG Settings...

  • Number of rows 2
  • All font sizes 0

Graphical infobar EPG Settings…

  • Number of rows 2
  • All font sizes 0
  • Timeline font 0
  • Service width 200
  • Time scale 120 minutes

GraphicalEPG settings…

  • All font sizes 0
  • Number of rows 8 (8 rows is set in the skin)
  • Service width 200
  • Time scale 120 minutes

EPG Settings...

  • Show EIT now/next in infobar....YES
  • Enable EIT EPG.... YES

Movie Planner settings… (file list button… menu…settings)

  • Number of rows 8

OSD settings… (Usage & GUI… OSD settings) – vix menu locations will be slightly different

  • 2nd Infobar – 2nd infobar INFO
  • Show infobar picons – yes
  • Show infobar on skip forward/backward - yes (required for movies pause icon)
  • Show channel number in infobar – yes
  • Show picon background colour – Disabled
  • Show crypto info in infobar – Two lines
  • Show PVR status in MoviePlayer infobar – yes (required for movies pause icon)

Slyk 1 HD Gallery


Unfortunately support for my skins have been nuked from the Techkings forum. All support for these skins are now available via Linuxsat forum. Post all questions on there. Thank you.



I also have a full set of 28.2e tranparent picons in my dropbox for use with my skins. (Last updated Jan 15 2017)

There are 2 types of picons available in my files.
SNP picons which are based on the service name. Very good if you are using Auto Bouquets Maker.
SRP picons which are based on the service reference. These work better if using AutoBouquets E2.

To install, download and extract the relevant picons.zip.
FTP the picon folder over to your usb/hdd device.

Reboot your box.

if you are using my Slyk Q skin, I have resized Chab's larger ident style picons for use on the infobar.
I personally find they are a bit hit and miss though with showing the correct graphic. 
But if you want to try them, do as above, download and extract. FTP the picon folder over to your usb/hdd device.


You are welcome to use my Slyk skin in your backup builds as long as you leave my about page and skin.xml details intact. Please also drop me a pm to let me know if you are including it.

You are welcome to include it on any boxes you are selling but my skin is not to be sold separately on ebay.

If posting screen shots on facebook groups or other forums, please reference me as the author. 

If uploading to other forums I would very much prefer you post my dropbox link from below and not the IPK. Bugs are being found and fixed all the time. My dropbox is always the very latest version with all the latest amends.

I don't sell this skin on Ebay. Backup images and skins are freely available on all major satellite forums. Creating a backup image and installing someone elses skin, takes no effort at all. So please don't fund these free riders who only make money from the efforts of others.

Beer Kitty

Creating a skin of this complexity takes hours and hours of dedication. I do not create skins to make money. This skin is free and will always be free, but if you want to treat me to a beer (especially people making money from my skin on their boxes and builds), that is entirely up to you and would certainly be very much appreciated.

If you have a Paypal account please use send to a friend method.

Paypal -Send To A Friend - kiddac2015@gmail.com

Non Paypal please use the donate buttons below.

Thank you - Enjoy my skins.

Kidda C

  • If you buy me a beer, you are making a donation at your own free will, you are not buying a product. No sellable product exists.
  • The skin is not to be sold individually under any circumstances.
  • You are under no obligation or pressure to buy me a beer and any transaction and personal information I receive will remain 100% private.

Beer Kitty - £3

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